Stickies Reminder for Mac OS X

by on January 20, 2009
in Apple

I had been using XP since forever and moved to Vista about 15 months ago. I’m in a habit of using “Stickies” quiet a lot. I was in my call center the other day where I use to work before and I saw a friend using Mac.

He had an idea that I use reminders on my screen for important task which I must not forget. He needed something as useful as stickies for reminder in Vista for Mac.

So today, I decided to post something useful for the Mac users who likes or need to use stickies reminder. I did my research and confronted a wonderful application that allows you to use sticky reminders for Mac.

SketchBox is a new, sticky notes manager for your Mac Desktop that not only allows you to enter text but also make drawings and set individual reminders for each sticky to use them as a visual alarm clock. You can even arrange all your notes in a thumbnail view and create short storyboards/comics or simply store your daily thoughts as searchable text.

It offers 3 layers, The drawing canvas, a little text editor and an intuitive alarm timer that combines the best of analog and digital clocks. While editing text you can still see your drawing in the semitransparent background and vice-versa

SketchBox is 100% free for you to use and if you feel like donating, you can do that by visiting their website.

Download Stickies for Max Os X

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  • The SketchBox alarm doesn’t work if you restart your computer. It doesn’t stores the alarm date. If I want a sticky to alarm on a day after, i can’t.

    Does anybody knows any stickies program that do this on a mac?