Obama Phone: Yes We Can Phone!

by on January 17, 2009
in Gadgets

obama-phoneFirst, we had iPhones. And now, we got the oPhone! You probably wouldn’t have heard about Mi-Obama, a mobile phone branded after Obama. Why? Because it has only been launched in Kenya, and nowhere else!

Obama, the President elect is quite a popular figure in Kenya, the country where Obama’s father was born. Mi-Obama is manufactured by a Kenyan manufacturer, Mi-Phone.


Honestly speaking, I have never heard of this manufacturer ever before. Probably because it’s only available in some Asian and African markets.

There is nothing much to talk about it’s features. All you get is enough memory to store 100 text messages and 300 phonebook entries. It also has a LED torchlight, FM radio, two games and basic accessories like calculator, calendar, alarm, and stopwatch. Mi-Phone only weighs 86g.

I don’t think a $30 phone is a bad deal at all. Now Obama can proudly say, Yes We Can Phone!

Mi-Obama by Mi-Phone

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  • renee1368

    how can i get a free obama phone