MyTweetSpace: Twitter Background Generator

by on January 14, 2009
in Internet, Web 2.0

mytweetspace-logoAll the twittering twitters out there must be wondering how can they customize background of their twitter profile and apply their very own theme.

I’m sure you all must have seen profiles with a nice, custom background with their name, blog URL and contact details. Now you can also have them without using any designing application like Adobe Photoshop or The Gimp.


I’ve just come across, MyTweetSpace, the perfect site for you, it lets you pick a theme from a wide range of available themes, lets you select a photo frame/badge and enter in the details. As a result, it generates a ready-to-use Twitter background that you can download use by easily uploading on Twitter.

This service is completely free to use and does not require any registrations. This is one of the best generators to create Twitter backgrounds on the fly.

Generate Twitter backgrounds with MyTweetSpace.

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  • That’s a great tool! Thanks!!