How To Get Windows 7 Beta Activation Key

by on January 11, 2009
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I just checked and found the Windows 7 beta download link from Technet is up and everyone can download Windows 7 Beta now.

Earlier today, I wrote about the ten Windows 7 activation keys that Microsoft is giving out to everyone. Lots of people have asked me whether these are generated by some sort of hack, but no, they weren’t!


How To Get Windows 7 Beta Activation Keys

Now I’m going to share the trick I used to get those ten keys. It’s pretty simple,  you see. Just sign in at Microsoft Profile Center with your Windows Live ID (make sure it’s an Hotmail ID, or it won’t work), and visit the following pages to get the key for 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Windows 7.

Windows 7 Beta 32-Bit Activation Key

Windows 7 Beta 64-Bit Activation Key

This trick worked perfectly at the time of posting this. Let me know if it goes down, or stops working.

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  • Hey,
    Well yeah, the link still work.

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  • Belle

    the link didn’t work for me, can it be because i live in belgium or not? are there any other sites to get a safe key crack for it?

  • worked! bur i downloaded using direct links.. built in downloader requires firefox running in the background btw when does the activated beta expire ?

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  • daki

    I am activated windows with this key, I think that is the same key like yours on this picture TQ32R-WFBDM-GFHD2-QGVMH-3P9GC

  • my windows the don’t workt weat the’s product kye can sam body help me pleasssssssssssss

  • krissiem

    this link has stopped working

  • khoi

    Hi. I have search in google many days to find a key for Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. But now I still can't find out. I've tried many keys. I don't know clearly about compyter. I just bought a computer to study in college. Could you give me a Key ? Please help me ! Thank you so much.