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Finding a working online service to send free text messages (SMS) anywhere in the world is not so easy. A lot of websites claim to send free text messages, but instead send spam to the recipients number. is a free service that lets you send free text messages from your PC, anywhere in the world.

You can send free SMS to up to 10 people at one time. And send up to 10 copies of the same message to each of your recipients. I don’t think there is any limit of how many text messages you can send in one day. I sent one to myself, and I received it within 5 seconds! Since it’s free, and does not cost me anything, I don’t mind the little advert it includes in every message. Screenshot below.


Moreover, it also supports free MMS, that means you attach a picture, graphic, or audio file with your free sms. You can use this service to send quick text messages to friends when you are in school, college or out of credit! ;)

Send free SMS with

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  • Zag

    I tried this site before, but the only Pakistani service provider it can send SMS to is Mobilink.

  • millc

    hi haris! i use a chikka client. the interface looks a bit like yahoo mesenger.
    it too sends sms and mms mesages.
    only thing is theres a limit to it.. i think you can only send 5 free messages a day. you have to wait for someone to reply to your message to be able to use it again. but i found a way around it. you just have to delete your contact and add him again that way it resets it coz it thinks it is a new contact

  • by the way, it doesnt send ads
    but you have to register.

  • Mufc4

    No Warid:(:(:(

  • thanks for sharing :)

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  • thanks alot, will use in future, great post thanks again!