KB961367: Windows 7 Beta WMP 12 Corrupt MP3 Bug Fix

A few days ago, we had Windows 7 Beta (build 7000) leaked on torrent sites which was downloaded by thousands of users.

But many of them are not aware that Windows Media Player 12, that comes with Windows 7 has a bug that could erase 2-3 seconds of audio from the beginning of your Mp3. This bug was later confirmed by a Microsoft spokesperson and a bug fix, KB961367, has been released for Windows 7.

KB961367 is the first publicibly available Windows 7 Beta update. If you are using Windows 7, and want to protect your MP3 files, follow the tips below given by Microsoft.

Tips to Protect MP3 Files in Windows 7 Beta WMP 12 Corruption Bug

  1. Before you install this Beta release, back up all MP3 files that might be accessed by the computer, including those on removable media or network shares.
  2. Install the Beta release of Windows 7; download and install the Update to Windows 7 Beta (KB961367) located on this page.

Download KB961367 for Windows 7 WMP 12 MP3 Bug

KB961367 bug fix is currently only available for MSDN and Technet subscribers. But Windows 7 beta users can still download it from the links below.

For Windows 7 Beta (x86) 32-Bit: update_for_windows_7_beta_x86_kb961367.msu

For Windows 7 Beta (x64) 64-Bit: update_for_windows_7_beta_x64_kb961367.msu

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