Windows Live Messenger 3D Emoticons Pack

by on January 6, 2009
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First instant messengers that came out were very simple, and users were quite content with what they had i.e an interface to chat online.

Soon, designers came out with emoticons, a graphical representation of our mood, expression and feelings during chatting. They were just small static images, then they got bigger and now you can even have them in 3D!


Windows Live Messenger team in France created some cool looking 3D emoticons for Windows Live Messenger a few days ago.

You can download them from the official site, which is only in French. Use the download link below, and wait for the page to load (contains Flash content). Once the page is opened, click on ‘installez gratuitement’ to download 3D emotions for Windows Live Messenger 2009.

Download Windows Live Messenger 3D Emoticons Pack

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