Windows Media Player 12 for Windows Vista

Windows Media Player 12 is the next version of the popular media player that comes with the Windows OS. WMP12 is to be released along with Windows 7, but users can now also download Windows Media Player 12 for Vista.

Mikasi2009 of deviantART has somehow managed to port WMP12 of Windows 7 to Vista. You just need the two core WMP12 files and paste them in your Vista.


Download Windows Media Player 12 for Vista

You can download WMP12 for Vista from here.

How To Install Windows Media Player 12.0.7000.7000 in Vista

After downloading, extract the files anywhere in your PC. Now:

– Copy wmploc.dll to C:WindowsSystem32
– Copy Windows Media Player folder to C:Program Files

Replace C: with your Vista drive letter.

NOTE: Make a bakup of your original files before trying this out!

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  • koen

    Doesn’t work on a dutch vista

  • yasin

    Doesnt work for me, followed instructions perfectly. Now saying WMP is not a valid win32 application!!!

  • Diks

    not running on vista

  • Doesn’t worked on Vista either for me,one suggestion you should first test is yourself then publish it

  • koen

    also saying WMP is not a valid win32 application!!!

  • Doesn’t work !!!

  • Javaoverride

    For what version of vista is this for 32bit or 64bit

  • scratchlikeme

    would it work on xp…

  • radw

    vista is syupid not responding anywere

  • Jer

    The programs that are in the Windows 7 Beta are not compatible with Windows Vista. Therefore neither with XP.
    This is the same for most files such as, Aero, Notepad, MSPaint, and so on… The only things that are compatible are the Intarnet Explorer and Contacts. Those are problematic though.
    Copying the wmploc.dll and changing the version info to 11.0.6001.7000 is a half-way solution. It kind-of looks like it but there is barely functionality.

  • Nick

    @ yasin
    “Doesnt work for me, followed instructions perfectly. Now saying WMP is not a valid win32 application!!!”

    this is almost certainly because the version this WMP was ripped from was a 64 bit version of windows 7. Unfortunately my windows vista install is 32 bit and the only OS i have that is 64 bit is…windows 7 beta. So i cant be certain, but im almost convinced this file is the 64 bit version of WMP12.

    “Doesn’t worked on Vista either for me,one suggestion you should first test is yourself then publish it”

    stupid response is stupid

  • acegeezer

    The problem is a permissions one.. you cannot copy the dll file..
    “wmploc.dll to C:WindowsSystem32” it states you need permission to perform this action, so its pointless pursuing the other file “copy” bit.
    I for one am not getting into the messing up of permissions via administrator/user account .. I’ll wait, this geezer sounds a bit of an egghead and expects the layman to “just copy a dll file”..
    Bovine Defacation at the very least!!

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  • Aki

    hey, i tried this on my Vista 64 and it says the same thing that u guys say, that the WMP is not a valid win32 application.

    So.. i wonder if someone have 64-bit vista and would help me to replace the wmp 12 to 11 by sending the files from C/Programs/Windows Media Player to me? plz email me at Thx

  • Moshster

    Worked fine for me, using Vista Ultimate SP2 x86.

  • Neil

    Worked For Me. Though It Took 2 Hours Before I Got There On Home Premium.You Have To Google For A Reg Entry Called File Protection – Reg Entry, Also You Have To Go Into The Permissions And Take Ownership Of The Key.And Ya Have To Use Res Hack.If I Went Into The Exact Instructions It Would Be A Mile Long.But Trust Me, You Can Do It, Believe Me If I Can Do It Anyone Can.
    Oh, I`m Using Vista x 86

  • wtf, not workin’

  • jinder

    it not work on xp sp3 it say file32 error

  • germany

    neils answer is right and I took 5 hours before it works but it does work

  • kery

    Doesn’t work …WMP is not a valid win32 application!!!

  • It clearly states at the top that its 64bit software you morons

  • reckjavik

    this is a crap now I can't even open windows media player

  • Junny

    This is from deviantart if you look at the page it says it will NOT work on vista or xp. so people dont waste your time doing this it will not work on vista. It will come up with an error when you try to load it up. This is the original files only for windows 7!!!!!!!

  • fhfg4

    danm link dont work!! >:(