Windows 7 Skin for Windows Media Player 11

Windows 7 public beta is just around the corner, which will feature the next version of Windows Media Player (WMP 12). According to what we have seen in the previous Windows 7 milestone/beta leaks, Windows Media Player 12 has got some minor interface changes.

WMP 12 has a lighter, and a brighter user-inerface that you can now also get in Windows Media Player 11.


The following skin for WMP11 is not just a skin, but a complete skin pack which will modify the core components of your WMP. Remember, the following Windows 7 skin for WMP 11 will only work on Vista. Don’t try to install it on XP, or you will end up with a messed up WMP like me ;)

Download Windows 7 Skin for Windows Media Player 11

You can download Windows 7 skin for WMP 11 from here.

[Via BlogsDNA]

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