Get Free Domain and 1GB Web Space for Blogging

hyperwebenable-logoWe all know having a top level domain improves branding and helps you get better exposure. And it’s way better if you get free hosting with a self-hosted WordPress installation.

HyperWebEnable is known to be providing such services from quite some time now, and offer a free domain ( with a CMS installed (e.g WordPress, Joomla etc.).


Unlike Blogger, where you get limited templates, HyperWebEnable offers many themes for all CMS, and if your favourite one isn’t there, you can always request for it. I gave them a try few months back, and signed up for, which is now inactive because I never got time to work on it. The registration process went smooth, ignoring the part where they took 4 weeks to register and accept my domain.

You get full control over your blog and can also make money by monetizing it. HyperWebEnable has their own affiliate program which pays you a dollar for every new friend who registers with your reference.

In my view, they are doing an amazing job by providing these free services for bloggers with a free domain and 1GB web space. The site is still in beta, so you might experience some hiccups in the service, overall, they are good.

HyperWebEnable – Get Free Domain and Web Hosting

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  • Cheerz mate, i already signed up and waiting for the reply.

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  • Alex

    Hi Haris,
    your blog is interesting, so i added it to my rss subscriptions two months ago.

    The most important thing to know about HyperWebEnable are the following (copied from their TOS) at

    Rules and Requirements:
    1. Domain must be active and must generate the required traffic.
    2. Website must generate minimum traffic of 100 page views per day or 3000 page views on a monthly average. has the right to deactivate your account if you do not meet the minimum traffic requirements.

    so, with those strict rules, the “free” of it seems now less free :)

    For amateur/occasional bloggers, the traffic limits are too high. You need frequent and good writing, and advertising the blog to keep up the flow of visitors.
    On the other hand, a “pro” blogger surely doesnt mind paying for hosting service, in exchange of complete control over the site.

    Alex from Athens, Greece

  • Hi,
    Well this shit is really awesome..! I might look forward to it after my current webhost expires :P:P … And btw thanks for the info Alex, really helped …

  • This is great I’m going to sign up now.

  • Nice news

  • Good post i am going to test this free service thanks buddy.

  • Nice but in their privacy policy stated that you did'nt move to another host….

  • AliceWonderland42

    Thank you! Nice article!

  • the drag and drop mechanism is a big sigh of relief. do they have it?