iPhone 3G for Just $99 Only!

by on December 28, 2008
in Apple, iPhone

iphone-post-imageLately, we were hearing rumours of iPhone 3G that Apple will soon start selling it for just $99. But Walmart cleared of these rumours by saying a big No.

For people, who never really wanted to pay the full price for an iPhone 3g, but always wanted to have one, can now easily get it from AT&T – and that too, for just $99!

Yes, the rumours have turned out to be true, but only for “refurbished” iPhone 3Gs. AT&T is now giving away refurbished iPhone 3G with a two-year contract for as low as$99. The 8GB iPhone 3G (black and white) is being sold for $99 and the 16GB one for $199. It’s now half the price from what it was before.iphone-att-99

This is something that previous iPhone 3G owners won’t like, because they paid the full price to get one! But it’s not long before this offer ends. That’s right – this iPhone 3G by AT&T ends on New Year’s Eve.

Grab here: iPhone for $99

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  • Hmm interesting , wonder if there is anyway to get one without a contract :P then i will definitely give it a try :P