How To Upload Photos By Facebook Mobile

by on December 19, 2008
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Facebook has a separate site for mobile users with a clean interface and less options; optimized for all mobile devices. Along this, it also allows you to upload photos directly from your mobile phone.

Many times I’m asked by my friends on how I set up Facebook to upload photos directly from my mobile phone. So for them, and all those who don’t know how to, I’m writing the procedure below for your convenience.


Sending photos to Facebook is very easy, but some people still have problems on setting it up. First thing I would like to make clear is that this feature of uploading photos works on all mobile devices with MMS capability and Internet connectivity in it because it uses email to upload photos to your Facebook account.

How To Set Up Facebook Mobile to Upload Photos

Simple follow the steps below to start uploading photos directly from your mobile phone.

1. Send a MMS to from your mobile phone with a photo attached in it.

2. Facebook will read that photo and to associate your mobile number with your account, confirmation code will be sent to you as a text message. Note down that code.

3. Now open Facebook and go to your Profile page.

4. Then click the Photos tab and click “Create an album” button.

5. Now click Mobile Uploads tab. There you will see a box to enter your confirmation code.

6. Enter the confirmation code (sent by Facebook) there and you should now see a new album “Mobile Uploads” in your Albums with the photo in it that you sent earlier.

Your Facebook account is now been configured to receive photos directly from your mobile phone. All the images uploaded from your mobile will be stored in the “Mobile Uploads” album.

You can check out my Facebook Mobile uploads using this public album link.

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  • damiz

    Thnx so muchXD

  • David

    You should take down the “ALL Mobile” T-Mobile is not supported in this at all

  • quiana

    Im with sprint. On my profile page under photos, there is no link or button that says upload or create album. is there any other way?

  • anam

    There actually is a way for t-mobile people to do this. I have a few friends who upload pics from their phone all the time using t-mobile. Once I find out how I’ll let you guys know.

  • boppy

    Thanks so much, I was getting so frustrated…

  • Dana

    I have tried and I am still not recieving a text giving me a code.

  • How do u upload photos using a LG K360 coz i did send a mms but all that happend was that i had less air time and no photos on facebook

  • nicole

    what if no conformation code is received?

  • Vivian

    It worked. Thanks for your post. I had not been able to figure it out before.

  • Ji

    Argh my email doesnt work on my phone!!!! I’m getting really annoyed as it keeps saying ‘DNS failed’ WTF?? Sorry i’m just getting more annoyed lol ^___^;;

  • Crystal

    i used to be able to upload pics to my facebook page-i have us cellular. But for whatever reason, i can no longer do it. i have tried sending the picture to get the confirmation code..never get the code..any suggestions?

  • Pyro

    Gosh i ddnt get the c0nfirmation code. Wats wrng?

  • Zangar Zirah

    I’m new in facebook, before I join with facebook I was use MyOpera Community but its too less friends I know there.
    I’m using my phone, everytime, everywhere to open Facebook, although the mobile site version is very simple, classic, featureless. Its so BIG different with MyOpera Community, between mobile and fullsite is not much different and every mobile browser can enjoy it (you can try and compare by yourself).
    I’m dissapointed with mobile facebook, I cant upload everywhere with simple (like Myopera), And I had too many discommunication with any friend because I cant see some post on my wall (via mobile version). Discommunication ending with loosing friend.

  • NYC

    I’ve been mobile uploading for a while now – just recently, though, it started to make new “mobile upload” album each time i upload a few photos – whats going on?

  • Lotus

    Guys someone should help me solve this problem b/c frankly speaking, i`m already gettin pissed

  • chris

    When I started sending mms’s facebook replied saying it couldn’t recognize my mobile number, its down on the settings page.

    There’s also a way to do it by email say you have “”

    Associate that with your facebook and you can send them in, its what I do, the only problem is it takes almost like 2 hour for them to upload to the mobile album

  • Lisa

    Can I do this by only using my mobile?

  • Pascal

    In my photos tab there is no create album button. What do I do??Help me please.

  • Erin

    I am a moron – what is an MMS?!

  • shane

    yeah.. mine wont upload either and it keeps useing my credit

  • Melissa

    Thank you!

  • shannon

    silly question, but how do i know if my phone supports MMS? i just got it, nothing fancy, ,but i've done these steps and no confirmation code has been sent to me :(

  • Www Me

    don work

  • A Nonny Moose

    That's cuz retard who made this failed to mention you also have to have your mobile phone associated with facebook account. Log on full site and click: Account, Account Settings, Mobile, Select Network, and enter Phone Number. I suggest text messaging OFF. After ur phone is associated the steps above still take about 1/2 hour b4 “Mobile Uploads” album appears on site.

  • Readswimming

    not working for me