Windows 7 Beta 1 Invitations Being Sent

by on December 18, 2008
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On Decemeber 16, Microsoft selected a group of beta testers and mailed them invitations to participate in Windows 7 Beta 1. Yes, the beta release is pretty near, although they haven’t let out any word on when they are planning to make it public.

The lucky folks who received these invites are being called as “tech beta testers.” Below is some part of the note that Microsoft sent to the invitees.

While (the Windows 7) beta will not be available until early 2009 we, know you are excited to get started so we have opened the microsoft.beta.win7.lobby (on the Microsoft Connect site) so you may begin renewing acquaintances with previous participants as well as meeting new testing peers. After accepting the invitation, you will be able to sign into Microsoft Connect and click on the ‘Windows 7 Beta Program’ link for more information on accessing the newsgroups.

“As well, to better understand our audience and how we are asking you to complete the following three surveys to tell us about yourself. Each survey has 20-40 questions and each should take you approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. You don’t have to take them all at once nor do you have to do it right now.  We ask though that at some point you find time to complete them. As a thank-you for completing these prior to the end of the calendar year (Prior to January 1st, 2009) each participant who completes all three surveys (or indicates ‘already taken’) will be put into a drawing and five winners selected to receive some Windows 7 logo’ed toys!”

According to earlier rumours, Windows 7 beta 1 was suppose to hit the Internet yesterday, on December 17. Another source mentioned it to be on Christmas, but looks like Microsoft doesn’t want to make the public release official till early 2009. And since this is just the first wave of invites, we can expect more from Microsoft.

Just like always, devil strikes, and I now wish to see a leaked version of Windows 7 Beta 1 in the next couple of days! I just hope one of the beta testers do it. Good bless him – in advance! ;)

[Via zDNet]

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  • I didnt expect beta 1 to come before mid jan. Damn it..i am 60% done with my download of windows 7 6956.