Oxite: Blog Engine by Microsoft

by on December 17, 2008
in Blogging, Internet, Microsoft

oxite-logoWe hardly know of anything that Microsoft has contributed to the open-source community, and almost a week ago, Microsoft launched its very own blogging platform which is surprisingly open-source, which means free!

Oxite is the blogging engine powered by Microsoft technologies which can be used for small personal blogs to large corporate websites as a CMS (content-management system).

This has been launched in competition with WordPress, which is by far the most popular open-source blogging publishing platform. But it is more ASP.NET driven and only corporate web developers would like to use it.

WordPress has one of the biggest user and developer community, and provides the power and flexibility that no other CMS can provide. In my opinion, Oxite is no match for WordPress in any way!

If you are curious to see any blog powered by Oxite, check out MIX Online.

Download Oxite and more info here.

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