How To Duplicate Tabs in Firefox

by on December 16, 2008
in Firefox, Tips and Tricks

Firefox has always been my favourite browser, and I hope it always stays to be like this. Reason? Because of all the functionality it has, and the fact that it allows expansion of its features thanks to plugins and extensions.

Here’s a simple trick by which you can duplicate an already opened tab in Firefox. I still don’t get its use, but Firefox has this ‘feature’ in it.

Duplicating tabs in Firefox is very easy, in fact its a piece of cake! Simply hold down Ctrl key, and drag the tab that you want to be duplicated. If you didn’t get it, see the screenshot below.


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  • Hey you are wondering what is the use of this feature. I tell you.

    Usually I tend to use middle click to open any links on a page which I want to check so that it opens up in a new windows or tab and with sites which are totally based on flash its not possible.

    So its a good thing to copy the entire tab of that site and open the link in new tab. Simple as that.

  • cesar

    how to edit my own picture, thanks for this site

  • waufrepi

    sweet! I missed this feature from Opera. Another good use is if your reading through a manual of some sort. I use it all the time with the Blender where I may need to reference several parts of the manual during the project. Sort of like a placed holder thing for me. funny I was just talking to my father about this.

  • Toney

    thanks for this post, im glad this doesnt require a plug-in.

    and its very useful.

    when im checking something like a long list of links on a page, and i want to keep one link open for later and go back and continue browsing the list, just duplicate the tab and press back.

  • Holy smokes! I was missing the “Duplicate Tab” addon when I upgraded to Firefox 3.5 (that addon does not work with 3.5). I had no idea that Firefox had this functionality built in. Thanks!

  • Craig Allen

    The abilty to duplicate tabs is important when developing websites using systems such as ExpressionEngine because you often need to have multiple pages open at the same time. For example you might be working on a page that is constructed using several templates plus a stylesheet. So you need to be able to view all of these in the ExpressionEngine control panel. I regularly want to duplicate a tab then switch it to a different view within the control panel.

    Thanks for the shortcut.

  • Matt C

    Thank you so much for posting this.
    I’ve been looking for the “Duplicate Tab” button for 3.5 for a few days now, but ctrl+drag is so easy.

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  • oashi

    And how to get the result without a usage of mouse? Just form a keyboard?

  • andylaund

    thanx a lot buddy

  • tuxified.gaalaxy

    awesome !! …
    i thought i needed the 'duplicate tab' extension to do this .

  • TheIcemanCometh

    Beautiful! No plugins needed – thank you!

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  • Sporty1

    Thank you! Thank you!

  • You are welcome! ;)

  • Jamie

    Oh thank you so much for this tip. I like to have several Youtube tabs open so I can switch back and forth between (already streamed) videos and it is a pain to have to: open a new tab – put in the url – open up my playlist – click on the video and wait for it to stream. Now steps 1-3 are automatically done for me.

    Thanks again!

  • :)

  • Asweek

    Thank you! Better than using an extension.

  • Asweek

    I found that you have to focus the URL bar (CTRL+L), and press ALT+ENTER.

  • Drdan123456

    haris bhai …aap azeem hain . :P

  • L Lawliet

    Thanks, I needed this really badly.

  • This feature is incredibly simple & useful!

    Previously, I had been using the 'Duplicate Tab' add-in. However it has been removed from Firefox in the most recent update. As a result I had to create a new Tab and copy/paste the URL. This resolves that problem elegantly.

  • Farish

    thanks! i had used “Duplicate Tab” add on previously but then when i updates firefox once, this add on was no longer compatible with the newer firefox version…

  • Mark

    Not really a great workaround: two combininations vs just the one in duplicate tab. The use of a mouse is almost laughable for doing the desired operation. And copying and pasting the url into another empty tab is even worse and a bit of a hassle.

    All these approaches work for sure, but why oh why does duplicate tab not work anymore and has been substituted by a more convoluted method? …bring back duplicate tab!