Upload Facebook Photos from Desktop

by on December 11, 2008
in Facebook, Freewares, Tools

People who have me on Facebook will know that I recently added about 7 albums in my Facebook Photos of my 3-day trip to Karachi, for the Bloggers Meetup (review coming soon) there.

Even though Facebook lets us upload photos through it’s own Java-based or simple uploader, I had to find a desktop solution because my Firefox kept crashing in the middle of upload process.

Bloom, Facebook Photo Uploader

A little Googling got me to Bloom, a desktop Facebook photo uploader. It is a very simple, easy-to-use app that let’s you upload photos to your Facebook account directly from desktop. First you are asked to login into Bloom through Facebook, then you have to allow Bloom to access your Facebook account. The interface is very clean with just four buttons on the top that lets you create and upload albums, browse your own albums, friends albums or photos you are tagged in.

Upload process is pretty easy. Simply drag and drop the photos that you want to upload in the main window, enter album name, location and description (if it’s a new album) and enter captions for your photos (optional). Now hit the “Upload Photo” button and wait till they all get uploaded.

As soon as the uploading finishes, that uploaded album’s page will be opened in your browser. Bloom also let’s you browse through your friends photos.

In my case where I had to upload 350+ photos, Bloom went very well for me!

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