Moka – Free Translation for Cell Phones

Moka is your personal translator, enabling you to easily translate words and phrases back to your phone in the language of your choice ( English, Spanish and Chinese).Type in what you want to say in English and receive the translated text in Spanish.
You can also reverse the direction of translation with a simple command. You can send translated messages into Spanish and Chinese to your friends and receive the translated messages back in English.

Moka Chat Skype Plug-in

Moka just announced  “Moka Chat Skype Plug-in” which gives Skype users the ability to chat in English, Spanish or Chinese with other Skype users. Using Moka Chat, English-speaking Skype users can now easily send translated text messages to Chinese or Spanish Skype buddies, enhancing their Skype experience while at the same time improving their language skills. In addition, Moka Chat for Skype enables users to send translated SMS text messages using Skype’s built-in text messaging service.

Moka Chat for Skype is now available for free during the beta period. After downloading and installing this application and selecting a language pair, users can easily enable real-time language translation for any text messaging conversation with anyone on their Skype buddy list. Because it allows the user to see both the original and translated text every time a message is sent.

Moka Chat is also a powerful language learning tool. Moka’s learning-while-chatting feature makes language learning fun and interactive for all Skype users. Moka iPhone converter will be available soon.

Download this great software from here and give it a try.

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