First Screenshots of Embedded Ads in YouTube

Google is known to be good with its AdSense program facilitating both its Publishers, and Advertisers. Recently Google revamped their AdSense Forum, released a Google SEO Book, and launched a Google Optimization Essentials Video Series for their publishers.

Google has now decided to improve the exposure of their advertiser’s content through YouTube videos. You can now see textual adverts in all YouTube videos, despite of the their location through Web.

That means all videos served from YouTube will also be serving embedded ads within, along with embedded YouTube videos on your website will now be embedded with some Google Ads too.

Today I was watching a video from YouTube site and encountered the first sight of this new feature which I liked to share with the readers here.

Watch out the embedded ads in action. You can also see the next and previous ads for the same video.

When adverts are closed, a button appears at the bottom left corner in case you want to check out ads again.

Yes, the ad itself is minimized if your mouse is away from it. Look how it looks like..

And finally, when a video gets over, you will see some ads in the end too.

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