Internet Explorer 6 for Windows Mobile

Microsoft just announced about the heavily rumored next-generation mobile web browser, Internet Explorer 6, for Windows Mobile. We have been hearing a lot about this upcoming release and people are eager to see what features and improvements this version of mobile browser contains as compared to the previous version.

Although this is an early release and only available in emulator mode, means this can be used on a windows desktop and can be used to emulate how the real browser will work on a mobile device.

There are many features and enhancements included in this version of Internet Explorer such as :

  • Native support for Adobe Flash Light (watch YouTube and other movies on the web)
  • JavaScript-engine borrowed from IE8 (you can run almost any heavy JavaScript based web site or application)
  • Web pages can be viewed in full screen just as you view them on desktop.
  • Multi-touch gesture sensitive

Overall IE6 seems to be catching up with Safari for iPhone and Google’s browser for Android, but its still a long way to go. If you want to try IE6 in emulator get it from here.

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