Panoramio: Organize Photos by Geo-Tagging

Are you fond of visiting places and have passion of capturing moments in photographs? If yes, then this site is just for you!

Panoramio service by Google allows you to organize your photos by tagging them. Its most powerful feature is geo-tagging or location marking. When you upload your photo after entering the title and selecting the respective tags you can additionally specify location of the photo taken on Google Maps.

You can share your photos with other people where they can comment. Based on the popularity, your photo also gets displayed on Google Maps world view. Google may add your photos to Google earth too after they have reviewed them.

Panoramio is a nice service and differ from Flickr in the sense because the main focus is on organizing the photos by location, this gives the users and explorers a great experience. Tourists can can get a sense of places and find out which are the best spots for visiting.

I recommend you to visit the places section which will take you through the best photos of places. If you are a professional photographer you can also associate copyright licenses with photos and can sell them.

Give it a try today and share your images by location.

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