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by on November 13, 2008
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We all know that Webmasters Tools by Google are here to help webmasters in every inch of their website career, but did you know there is a Google SEO book available?

I never did, until my friend tweeted about it. Well, there is nothing new in this book but simply the basics covering every aspect of the Search Engine Optimization. This e-book has been named as “SEO for Beginners”.

In this book you can find out about all the terminologies, and important things taking part and organizing the whole SEO setup, but from Google’s aspect.

In this book some basic questions are also well answered, like:

  • Can Google index your site?
  • What are Robots and what Robot.txt means?
  • What is really controlling Google indexes ?
  • Robots.txt vs. Meta tags 9
  • How to controlling caching and snippets?

Or if you are searching the ways to Increasing visibility of your content, some best practices are also mentioned by Google itself.

Download Making the Most of Your Content – A Publisher’s Guide to the Web – PDF file

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  • You’re right, Hammad…I didn’t know that guys at Google had made such a book available for all. Thank you for the article and letting us all know. :)

  • Why does google fool us?
    There was nothing amazing told in the google seo report.
    Its just another seo basics report which you can learn from each of the millions of blogs on SEO.

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