Fake Calls on iPhone

As my title tells, I will be introducing you to a new iPhone app called as Fake Calls. I’m sure you are thinking of places where you can use it. I would rather use it when I just had a fight with my best friend and I want to get out of the situation and spend some time alone.

So coming to the details, Fake Calls is a neat iPhone app that provides you an excuse to get away and enjoy some privacy by avoiding people you don’t want to interact. The app works in a simple way.

Open the app and set a time when you want your iPhone to simulate a phone call. Then you can answer the call, decline or let the phone ring to fake a missed call. It looks so real and it will certainly ensure others that someone important is calling and you have got to take that call.

The application is developed by Magic Tap and is sold for only 99 cents on Apple App Store.

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