FuturixImager: Free Image Viewer and Editor

by on November 12, 2008
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I’ve always been a fan of online image editors as they don’t require any hassle of installation. Remember my collection of 15 online image editors? But that doesn’t mean I don’t like desktop apps.

I always welcome light, small and free image manipulating tools for my PC because it’s quite irritating to open Photoshop for every small change I have to make. Earlier we wrote about Photoscape, but here’s another light, free app I have found.

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FuturixImager is a free image editor for Windows that makes it the perfect alternative to the built-in Windows image viewer and editor. With this app, you can do all the basic tasks like view, edit, crop, rotate etc with your images.

It supports almost all the image formats with the help of plugins, including display information of EXIF image meta-data. You can also create slideshows or import images from a camera or scanner. It also supports lossless JPEG transformations and preserves the file data while you edit it.

FuturixImager is a free download for Windows, supporting XP and Vista.

Download FuturixImager

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