How To Fix Nokia N96 Video Playback Issue

by on November 11, 2008
in Gadgets

One thing I noticed when I bought my Nokia N96 is that it has a manufacturing fault in its 16GB mass memory. After installing a few applications and uploading about 8GB of music, I noticed some issues with the video playback.

Whenever I tried to play any videos (pre-loaded or my own), it was stalling with sound breaking up. In oher words, those videos were not viewable on the phone at all.

How To Fix Nokia N96 Video Playback Issue

I even upgraded by firmware after that, but still the video playback did not improve. Normally what you do in such a case is format your memory, but that wouldn’t really help. The only fix I have found so far, is to defrag the whole mass memory. Yes, that really helped! Now my video plays very smooth without any stalling or break ups.

If you have this issue with only few video clips, try the following file defragging utilities, which lets you defrag files individually.

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  • Muzzammil Waheed

    What sort of videos you have on your mobile :-0 ?

  • corinne1976


    can we watch movies (video cip) on the N96. If no, how can i convert it