Google Reader Featuring Automatic Translation

by on November 11, 2008
in Google, Internet

I have been using Google Reader since last 4 years and my experience with it has been awesome. All I need to do is open my Google Reader and get related news to all subscribed items of my interest such as (mobile apps, web apps, mobile devices and more) whenever, where ever I want.

Have you ever wondered how rapidly blogs are cropping up every next second in various languages such as Italian, Spanish, French and German providing you with localized news related to these countries? I’m sure you don’t want to miss the great news that they offer?

Google Reader now comes with automatic translation feature which means that you can translate any non-English news to your language and read it. Interesting right? Experiencing it just now, I think I find Google Translation much better than Yahoo’s Bablefish.

How to use it?

Whenever you find an interesting feed in another language, just subscribe to is as normal in Reader. When you view the feed in Reader, check off “Translate into my language” in the feed settings, and the feed will be immediately translated for you. Also, this setting will be saved so you can always view this feed in your own language.

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  • Paul Densmore

    install please

  • tehreem

    Google Reader is awesome. Thanks for sharing such a useful thoughts.