Webopedia: Text Messaging Abbreviations Guide

I’m sure you must have heard of Wikipedia, but have you ever heard of Webopedia? Well I had never done so, but once I got to know about it, I was quite keen on sharing it with you all.

Webopedia is an online guide for text messaging abbreviations. With the increasing trend of text messaging, chatting, online gaming etc. Webopedia seems to be an interesting resource to catch up with all the abbreviations used.

With your little bit of experience in chatting you must be knowing some very common ones such as G2G (Got to go), G2R (Got to run), CUL (See you later), PPL (people), NM(never mind) and more. But I was surprised to notice that the list has almost 1,011 entries of such kind of abbreviations facilitating people to deliver their message fast and quick.

After learning most of them, all I can say is that the next time your friend tries to confuse you with one of these abbreviations, just open this guide and reply him instantly by using these short and easy to use words.

However being a writer, I would definitely suggest you to avoid using them especially when you are writing a formal e-mail or serious content of any type.

Webopedia: Text Messaging Abbreviations Guide

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