Witty, Yet Another Windows-only Twitter Client

by on November 9, 2008
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Well, I know this is not the first Twitter client you are hearing of. There are many others like TwitterFox for Firefox, Twhirl for Windows, which is Adobe AIR-based and many others that have been developed for Twitter.

I have another Twitter client called Witty, an open-source app, which uses the Twitter API to bring you the Twitter experience on your desktop.


To get updated with the latest version, ClickOnce is also available, which fetches the stable new releases of Witty automatically.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Best Feature includes the implementation of Keyboard shortcuts to Tweet with more easibility. Here are all of them.

  • ctrl-u – Toggle the update area
  • ctrl-r – Add @screenname of the selected Tweets user to the update textbox
  • ctrl-q – Quit. Exit. Vamoose.
  • ctrl-o – Open the options dialog.
  • ctrl-1 – Show the “Recent” tab.
  • ctrl-2 – Show the “Replies” tab.
  • ctrl-3 – Show the “User” tab.
  • ctrl-4 – Show the “Messages” tab.
  • F5 – refresh. It seemed best to stick with IE/Firefox’s refresh key.


Witty is a Windows-only Twitter client, which supports Windows XP and Vista. It is powered by Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

Download Witty

To know more visit the Witty homepage. And for more Twitter tools, click here.

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