Windows 7 Coming in 2009

It seems like Microsoft is buffing up its latest and shiniest software piece, Windows 7, for a release earlier than people expected. Originally in 2007, after Windows Vista released, Microsoft said that another version of Windows should be expected after 3 years somewhere in 2010.

But a recent news was brought into the spotlight by CNET, in a Windows Vista Velocity program presentation, that it was confirmed by Doug Howe, Microsoft’s Director, that Microsoft is pressing for Windows 7 release in holiday season of 2009.

Although in PDC conference Microsoft  didn’t mention any such news about release windows 7, they did however mention about a beta release in early 2009 though. Well folks anyways its a good news that we will be getting our hands on windows 7 earlier than we all originally expected.

There are also widespread speculations that we might have many more CTP releases of windows 7 before holiday season of 2009 as Microsoft just released build 6801 and so far it has been pretty nice and stable release according to many reviewers.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for the upcoming release of windows 7 like other windows enthusiasts.

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