Hitman Pro 3 Uses New Groundbreaking Cloud Technology

by on November 8, 2008
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After a poor a experience with Hitman Pro 2, I was hesitant about trying Surfright’s new Hitman Pro 3. The previous version was big and slow, and offer the user very little control over anything. However, in this latest version Surfright has totally reinvented the wheel, so to speak.

First and foremost, I feel that it is imperative that I mention that if you’ve tried Hitman Pro in the past, you will have to dismiss any preconceived notions that you might have about. Hitman Pro 3 is nothing like previous versions.

To me Hitman Pro idea is awesome in theory: combine the databases/knowledge of a bunch of the best spyware programs, set them up so that only one program has to be installed, and run them consecutively until all the problems are gone. The downside was, that it focused mostly on spyware and less on virus detection.

Hitman Pro 2 automatically downloaded and configured each of the eight programs it used, which save one a lot of haste and time, but still required more time than most would like to to spend installing something.  It also took a lot of time for 8 programs to run their course (scan/remove), which made the whole experience cumbersome. On top of all that, Hitman Pro 2 consumed a lot of space on the hard drive, as well as, quite a bit of the computer’s resources when running.

So what’s so different about the new version, you might ask?  EVERYTHING! In fact, I would consider Hitman Pro 3 and the new technology therein nothing less than, groundbreaking. Hitman Pro 3 does not require a lengthy process of downloading 8 separate programs, it is now one small download (4.37MB), which can be run form a USB stick, and installs in seconds.  Like previous versions Hitman Pro 3 utilizes a (new) combination of famous high quality programs to detect, and remove viruses and other malware; however, how it achieve that is completely different, and by all rights, far better.

Hitman Pro 3 scan the hard drive front to back, as opposed to other antivirus programs, which scan in alphabetical order, causing the head of the drive to skip around and ultimately slow the whole process. A new revolutionary innovation in scan technique is used to distinct malicious and safe software. Hitman Pro 3 knows upfront which files are not interesting, and which belong to the operating system by checking the (valid) digital signatures on executable files and a white list containing signatures of known safe files. Also, Hitman Pro 3 has signatures of all important Windows 2000, and Windows Vista files. These files are automatically bypassed.

Furthermore, in time Hitman Pro 3 learns what files on your system are good, bad, and questionable, and when the later two are present, is uses a multi-vendor real-time confirmation cloud comprised of Prevx (Herd Intelligence), Avira (AntiVir), ESET (NOD32 Antivirus), Emsi Software (a-squared Anti-Spyware and Ikarus Anti-Virus) to scan them. The new innovations in the scanning process and file detection allows Hitman Pro 3 to achieve it’s goal in under 5 minutes (on most systems). And, thanks to “profiling” (a.k.a. a built-in whitelist of profiled Windows systems – 2000 through Vista) it’s impossible to make false positives on important systems files.

Other Features Include

  • Automatically restores common system alterations made by malicious software.
  • Creates a check point in System Restore before removing malicious software.
  • Removes resistant threats using a native NT boot-time deleter.
  • Recognizes and removes not just spyware but also viruses, Trojan horses, rootkits and other malware.
  • Also removes references to malicious software (like shortcuts and registry entries).

The downside to all of this is that Hitman Pro 3 is only available for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/2003/2008, and is no longer completely free. Currently they are offering a 30 complete free trial, which will detect and remove viruses, Trojan horses, rootkits and other malware. After the trial you’ll still be able to download it and use it to scan and detect malicious files on your system, but in order to remove them you’ll have to purchase a key, or find some other way around it. Oh yea, and for some unknown reason, parts of the program remain in Dutch? Nonetheless, with a little common sense one can figure it out.

Download Hitman Pro 3

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