Google Help Forums – Revamped!

by on November 8, 2008
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I knew Google Help Forums only because of my AdSense-related queries, as I’m not much of a forums users. But today when I opened it to check replies to one of my queries, I was surprised to see it all changed.

I checked the link, even clicked on the main logo of AdSense Forums, but in the end found the newly revamped forum on every try.

Going through the Google Blog, I found that Google announced its newly designed, revamped Help Forums on Tuesday, for better search results along with some basic features following a great response and contribution by users and help seekers since it’s existence.

New Features include

  • improved search results, including posts from current and new forums
  • the ability to designate especially helpful forum members as “Top Contributors”
  • a reputation and ranking system
  • the ability for users, Top Contributors and Googlers to mark questions as answered
  • easier access to Help Center content
  • expanded user profiles that highlight your forum activity

New Forums can be accessed for the following Google products only, as rest will be topped with the new design soon.

Android Market
Google Apps
Google Chrome

    You can check out the original announcement at Google Blog and watch the introductory video too.

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