Windows 7 Tranformation Pack 2009

Last week at PDC, Windows 7 was revealed to the tech world by Microsoft. I was eager to know more and more about the new features and its awesome looks.

At that moment it clicked in my mind to test the geeks that whether they succeeded in making a transformation pack for Windows 7 or not. I was amazed to know that it already exists with the latest Windows 7 theme, start menu, wallpapers etc.

So here it is for you guys, Windows 7 Transformation Pack 2009, the loaded piece to download to sooth your eyes unlike similar packs formerly released before the new looks and features were unfolded officially.

Also check out 5 Windows 7 Transformation Packs which were posted earlier for Windows XP and Vista.

This transformation pack includes:

  • Windows Se7en Visual Style
  • Windows Se7en Start Menu
  • Windows Se7en Styler TB
  • Windows Se7en Pie Dock
  • Windows Se7en Wallpapers

Download Windows 7 Tranformation Pack 2009

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[Via Technix Update]

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  • dave


  • windows se7en

  • Jack Loyds

    I am afraid the ‘Visual Style’ is infected with a TROJAN!
    Yes a BIG, FAT TROJAN Detected by McAfee 2009.

  • rajiv


    it works well but i found a thread in visual style with avast pro

  • afaa

    i cant download from rapid share

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  • i like it

  • Ma funziona per vista?

  • jack brown

    not all that great. does not save after reboot! 5 out of 10

  • amit sharma

    yes it is good .i like it.

  • Its make me confused

  • it doesn’t work…..

  • Naiem Ata-Afghanistan

    it does not work.

  • nasir_naz786

    i like it


    send me Windows 7 Tranformation Pack 2009

  • Mohit

    i like it