Backup Gmail Emails with Gmail Backup

by on November 6, 2008
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Why would anyone need to backup their Gmail accounts? Isn’t Google a mega-god of Internet age?  Well, yes they are! However, no one, not even Google, is infallible.

When it comes to one’s email accounts, and all the precious information they can contain, one can never be too careful. Take charge of your valuable information, and protect it with Gmail Backup 0.104.

Gmail Backup will backup all your email in a folder and labels in your Gmail account. In order to use the program users have to enable IMAP in the Gmail settings. After that, the program pretty much runs itself. Emails will be stored in Microsoft’s EML format, which will make it easy to import them into other mail clients. There is an option to set time interval to restore only emails of a certain period and not all of them.

Gmail Backup Download

[Via Lifehacker]

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