Complete Messaging, VoIP, IM Solution with VoxOx

VoxOx is an entirely new way to take complete control of your interconnected lifestyle. Never miss a call. Never miss a text, IM, e-mail or fax. Make a conference call or video chat with the click of a mouse. Call anywhere in the world for pennies…or even better, for free!”  That’s the services opening statement, and via my experience with it, I can attest to the fact that it’s all true.

It is becoming very close to being an all-in-one messaging client. Earlier today it made a public beta version of it service available to the public. While it only available for Windows and Intel based Macs, support for Linux and mobile coming soon.

VoxOx covers it all: phone calls, video conferencing, multi-IM, text, social networking, email and file sharing.


  • VoxOx phone service allows you to call anywhere in the world literally for pennies, and in some cases for free. Paid calls are made by purchasing phone credits., and for the time being new members get 2 hours free time.  As a bonus, if you refer people, and they elect to sign up, you’ll get an additional 2 hours for each person, with a cap of 20 hours total. All calls made with VoxOx can be encrypted using the AES 128-bits encryption.
  • Video conferencing can only be be started and shared with other VoxOx members, but on a brighter note, support for non VoxOx clients will be coming soon.
  • Voxox user will get their own free US number, which can used to forward the calls to home, office, or mobile.
  • File of up to 100MB can be shared via IM or email using a downloadable link.
  • Voice mail and Fax will be sent to the email you indicate during the set up of your account.
  • Send and receive text messages from your computer.
  • VoxOx supports almost all of the more popular IM’s (i.e., Yahoo, AOL, GTalk, MSN, ICQ, and Jabber.
  • Support for popular email accounts, allows you to send and recieve email messages from chat like interface.
  • Social networking accounts can be added to get all your contacts in one place and allows you to update social network profiles.

VoxOx Wizard

After downloading and installing the app, you’ll need to setup your account. On the first login it will supply you with a wizard to help you with your IM, Email, phone number, social networks, and so on. Once this step is complete you can begin using the service.

Download VoxOx Beta 1.0.0

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