360desktop: Your Desktop 360 Degrees Wide

wide_imageIf you are a person who likes to put everything on desktop for easy access and visibility and always struggling in choosing which files/icons to keep and which to throw in recycle bin, well, you just got lucky today because I have just the right tool for you. This is new revolutionary software which I came across let you scroll your desktop in 360 degrees and allows you to have virtually unlimited space.

You can place icons and files on any part of wide circular desktop and access them quickly. Another Cool feature is that you can have a wide wallpaper or can have multiple wallpapers on your wide desktop.

What’s more is that you can open any number of application windows and pan them on your wide desktop and with pan actions you can view and access them, sounds fun right? Since 360Desktop have built in widgets system you can place your widgets on any part of your wide desktop, you just never run out of desktop space. You can put any widget available over the Internet from all content providers such as YouTube. It also lets you create stunning 360’s – from photo-panoramas, or create 360 image montages from your favorite photos, graphics, or online albums like Flickr.


Lastly, but surely it has capabilities of collaboration with your friends and community and you can share wallpapers and your creations with people.

Take it for a spin from here!

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