Unlock Windows 7 Taskbar

by on November 4, 2008
in Tips and Tricks, Windows

We already have Windows 7 features, screenshots and wallapapers. It’s just everywhere and each news of Microsoft’s upcoming OS spreads like wild fire all over he Internet.

As you know, Windows 7 Pre-Beta M3 Build 6801 was leaked earlier on torrents and can be downloaded. But unfortunately, the build that was distributed among the PDC attendees, did not had the new taskbar and its features.

Rafael from WithinWindows has found that these features are not enabled, and can be unlocked on a domain and username basis. But thanks to Rafael, we can now have them enabled on Windows 7 almost like what you saw at PDC 08.

Follow the steps below to enable it the new Windows 7 taskbar.

Download the 32-bit or 64-bit executable tool and put it into the Windows directory. Now open Command Prompt and excute the following commnads as Administrator.

  • takeown /f %windir%\explorer.exe
  • cacls %windir%\explorer.exe /E /G MyUserName:F (replacing MyUserName with your username)
  • taskkill /im explorer.exe /f
  • cd %windir%
  • start unlockProtectedFeatures.exe

After changing the protected feature lock state, you can re-launch the shell by clicking the Launch button.

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