Create Ringtones for Android with Ringdroid

Well, if you are a mobile music junkie like me and you look forward to owning a great looking Android-powered beasty smartphone soon, I bring you just the right software that you must get your hands on. It’s called as Ringdroid – a mixture of ringtones and Android.

Let’s learn a little more about Ringdroid. It is a ringtone converter that runs on your phone and provides you all the capabilities of recording, editing and creating ringtones on the phone. It supports most common music file formats such as mp3, wav and also 3GPP/AMR which is the default file format of Android.

It has a user-friendly interface of voice editors such as Cool Edit Pro, Adobe Premiere etc. with scrolling, zoom in/out (5 levels) – all these features directly available on your fingertips. With selective playback capability which is easily accessible with simple finger tap, this software is quite easy to use. It enables you to do all the voice editing related tasks within the interface.


The coolest thing about this software is that it is available under Apache License 2.0 and is available for FREE so that you can develop it and customize it as you like. It however requires the Android SDK for development. Ringdroid is implemented in pure Java, and it serves as an excellent demonstration of what is possible using the Android SDK. It works identically on the emulator and on an HTC T-Mobile G1 handset. Most of the codec compression and decompression is done by JAVA lib, however Android SDK is used for audio playback.

What’s More?

In case you are not a programmer or may be you are still dreaming to own the Android phone, you can still play around with the software using android emulator available here.

Try Ringdroid now!

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