Caps Lock Trainer Key: Ouch, The Caps Lock Is On!

by on November 4, 2008
in Gadgets, Humour

There are times when we are hurriedly typing and accidentally without noticing up the screen, we end up writing our sentences in capital letters. Caps Lock Trainer Key is the best solution for this.

What it does is, whenever you press the caps lock key, it pinches your finger thus alarming you to be careful. This is the best way found so far to cure this habit.

As we all know that it is considered to be a bad etiquette to be using capital letters while chatting or leaving a message. Even if the message is said in a positive tone, the reader takes it way too negatively. So to quit this habit, the Caps Lock Trainer Key seems like a good idea.

With this keyboard mod, two 14 gauge 10 mm lebret spikes are threaded and secured to the key. In designer Sean Micheal Ragan’s own words, “You only have to hit it once to be cured of using the caps lock key forever.”

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  • ss

    Interesting….This is a nice trainer keyboard…thanks for the info!