WordPress 2.7 Beta 1 Released

by on November 1, 2008
in Blogging, WordPress

We have already been teased enough by the screenshots and features of the upcoming WordPress 2.7. And again a lot of buzz has been created before the actual release of WP 2.7.

Finally the first beta of WordPress 2.7 is now available for download. The WP Team has been working hard on the pretty visuals you will see. At the moment, there are many glitches in WP 2.7 for IE and Opera, but it works fine in Firefox and Safari.

For all those who are eagerly waiting for the full version of WordPress 2.7, there’s a small bad news. It won’t be releasing on November 10th, 2008 as planned before since the WP Team is two weeks behind schedule. What you get on Nov 10, is a Release Candidate release of WP 2.7.

Nothing has been said about the final release date, but they won’t take long since the Release Candidate version will be released next week. For now, enjoy the first beta!

Download WordPress 2.7 Beta 1

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