Download ZoneAlarm 2009 Pro for Free

by on November 18, 2008
in Freebies, Internet, Softwares

ZoneAlarm 2009 Pro is the all-in-one comprehensive protection utility for Windows. This premium suite is loaded with professional and advanced features of scanning, firewall, virus and spyware protection and removal program.

These five interlocking and easy to use features strengthen this utility against all malicious unwanted activities for your PC. The original price for this highly acclaimed utility is $40 normally but today is your lucky day and you can get it all for free, but that is only for today!

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Send Free Voice Emails with TalkMail

I came across this free voice email client from DSSF while surfing. This simple, yet useful software allows you to record and send 100 any-length high fidelity voice email to any email address in the world for free.

TalkMail voice emails can be played back on any personal computer, PDAs, MP3 Players, cell phones etc. plus you can also reply back quickly for free.

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RefSeek: Search Engine for Students and Researchers

by on November 18, 2008
in Internet

For all students, scientists and researchers who are looking for academic information from different sources such as documents, web pages, encyclopedias, journals and newspapers, there is a new search engine I found today.

It is called RefSeek. Refseek can be compared to Google Scholar in some ways but it has more to offer. Not only it indexes one billion reference documents but it also indexes more than scientific and educational sites.

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Moka – Free Translation for Cell Phones

Moka is your personal translator, enabling you to easily translate words and phrases back to your phone in the language of your choice ( English, Spanish and Chinese).Type in what you want to say in English and receive the translated text in Spanish.
You can also reverse the direction of translation with a simple command. You can send translated messages into Spanish and Chinese to your friends and receive the translated messages back in English.

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UltraDefrag: Open Source Disk Defragmenter

by on November 17, 2008
in Freewares, Tools

Most of us add and remove programs and files daily in our computer. But soon you might notice slowness in your system’s performance. That is caused some files are left fragmented while removing or adding new applications.

The built-in Disk Defragmenter in Windows is not so good and comes with limited options, that are not enough to fully analyze and defrag your hard disk drive.

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First Screenshots of Embedded Ads in YouTube

Google is known to be good with its AdSense program facilitating both its Publishers, and Advertisers. Recently Google revamped their AdSense Forum, released a Google SEO Book, and launched a Google Optimization Essentials Video Series for their publishers.

Google has now decided to improve the exposure of their advertiser’s content through YouTube videos. You can now see textual adverts in all YouTube videos, despite of the their location through Web.

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Windows Vista Sidebar for XP

by on November 16, 2008
in Freewares, Softwares, Tips and Tricks, Windows

Lots of applications and utilities have trried to clone Wwindows Vista’s sidebar, but haven’t been able to come up with something up to the mark. All of them had limited number of gadgets (some didn’t have any), and used a lot of system resources.

Joshoon from DeviantArt have managed to port the real Windows Sidebar (originally found in Windows Vista) to Windows XP using Alky For Applications. Alky makes makes it possible to run Vista apps on Windows XP.

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Download WordPress 2.7 Beta 3

by on November 16, 2008
in WordPress

WordPress 2.7 has already passed out the official release date and still lurking into the beta versions, but optimistically its for our good. Beta 3 is itself remarkable as it has been revamped with many new features plus numerous style improvements and refinements, if counted 160 changes altogether.

Many of you have already installed WordPress 2.7 Beta 2 for your blogs to enjoy better features but now it’s time to upgrade Beta 2 to the latest Beta 3. To do so simply open Tools and go to Update menu.

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Free McAfee Internet Security 2009 License for 6 Months

by on November 16, 2008
in Freebies, Softwares, Tips and Tricks

McAfee Internet Security Suite with SiteAdvisor is a 10-in-1 always-updating security bundle that protects your identity and your computer from viruses, spyware, email and IM scams, hackers and online predators, and provides automated backup for important files. It blocks away all offensive content and prevents malicious activity.

Lenovo laptops purchased in Philippines get a free McAfee Internet Security 2009 3 computer license for 6 months!

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