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by on October 31, 2008
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Okay, I’m finally out of the Windows 7 mania and have an interesting freeware to share that will be helpful to all Facebook-addicts (like me). I always wanted a complete desktop aplication for Facebook, and I’ve found one now.

Visual Sage for Facebook is an innovative Facebook chat and desktop application implemented by VisualSage, an innovative software technology company. This app is built upon Microsoft’s new technology WPF which shows all our friends at Facebook in a network.

This Facebook desktop application provides easy access to many Facebook’s primary functions, including Facebook Notification, Poke, Profile, Photo browsing, Chat and Instant Messenger. You can chat with your Facebook friends just like you do with your IM contacts. You can also arrange and optimize your network by grouping your friends to subnets. Its features are:

  • Visualize your social network with interactive graph representations
  • Browse friends photos in an interactive way
  • Chat with your online friends online and offline.
  • Group your friends into subgroups by drag and drop

These were just a few features. I’d recommend you to download and explore this app.

Download Visual Sage for Facebook

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  • A rule of thumb is to try the application before running it. I’ll quote my wall post from the Official VisualSage group:
    “what a piece of crap. this is just a load of shit that never works. And the fools behind it don’t even bother to reply! and people are reviewing and blogging about this app like it’s awesome, without getting it to even work!”

  • @Imran: You know the interesting thing, it worked just ONCE for me while I was writing this post. But it never did after that. I thought this was a problem at my end with my connection.

  • I’ve been trying to get it to work since it’s based on WPF, and I myself work on it. But it doesn’t work at all! neither do the developers reply. This seems to me like a dead project now.

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    download is that

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