Check If Your Computer Can Run This Game

These days games are getting more sophisticated and complex which require higher computer configuration to run them.

Sometimes when you buy a long-awaited game and your budget-computer tells you “You can’t run it!”, how do you feel? This is the most depressing moment for a gaming lover like me. You never know whether a certain game will run on your computer or not.

Can you run it? is a web application that will not let you down. No more boring messages like “You can’t run it!”. Its database is full with latest and popular games. It matches your computer specifications to the minimum requirements of the game and tells you whether you can run a game or not.

What it does is that it downloads a Java applet for Firefox and ActiveX for IE. Select a game from the list and click the “Can you run it?” button. It analyzes your computer hardware specifications and gives you the report in a few seconds.

The report also gives you recommendations to upgrade your hardware. The list is full of popular games but it’s not that you will find each and every game in their database.

According to System Requirements Lab no personal identifiable information is collected. So, feel free to check whether you can run a game or not. It works on Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Media Center, Vista with following browsers Firefox, IE and Netscape browsers.

So next time before buying a game check whether you can run that game or not!

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  • mfarney

    I bought my daughter the “Desperate Housewives” game and she was so happy. When I tried to install it the game popped up an error saying that the video card can't support the graphics. My daughter;s laptop is quite powerful so I have no idea why it wouldn't work. I guess it needed a certain type f video card. She was so upset…if only I knew about this site. I could have checked to see if her computer was good enough to play the game.
    Mathew Farney – Web Hosting