GetMooh: Important Reminders by Phone Calls

by on October 28, 2008
in Internet, Web 2.0

Guess what? You have an important meeting or a commitment with someone but you are so busy with something else that you completely forget about it.

What happens then is you feel guilty or face loss if it was a very important meeting. But no worries now, as you won’t have to face anything like this again.

Getmooh is a free automated call reminder service which do not charge a single penny from you and reminds you of your important meetings through phone calls. You just have to make an account and they will send your password to your cell number. Then you have to sign in with that password. Now just place calls to any number and start getting reminder calls for free.

There are number of pre-recorded messages that you can use. Also you can tease your friends with it or send them Birthday wishes through it.

Signup now for free. Become the next prankster.

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