Send Video Emails with GabMail

by on October 26, 2008
in Internet, Web 2.0

Did you know we could also send video emails to our family and friends for free? Well, today while surfing I came across this interesting website which lets you send video emails.

GabMail is a free, easy-to-use video email service that enables anyone with a webcam or video camera to send, reply to and forward messages to anyone with an email address.

You don’t have to install any additional plugin in order to record your videos. It uses Adobe Flash, a browser addon which is already installed on 98% of computers. You can record and send videos up to 5 minutes in length.

It works with any webcam connected to your PC, and requires no registration or sign up to send emails. There is no limit on the number of emails that you can send in a day.

GabMail: Free Video Emails

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