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It’s been a while since I last shared an Adobe AIR tool. The last one I posted about was about GMDesk which lets you run Google services from your desktop.

Many blogs have comment moderation enabled to prevent from spam. Even this blog uses comment moderation, and I daily have to moderate a big pile of comments. This has just been made easy, thanks to Daniel.

Moderate WordPress Comments from DesktopModerator is an AIR-based app that lets you moderate comments on your WordPress-powered blogs right from your dekstop in rela-time and you don’t have to login to your Dashboard just to approve/unapprove comments. Some features included in this early release are:

  • Viewing unmoderated comments.
  • Dock and system tray notifications of the number of unmoderated comments.
  • Accept, delete, and spam comments from within the desktop client.
  • Close application window, or minimize it to the system tray while running.
  • Shows the Gravatar icons for the user who posted the comment.

Moderate also supports the upcoming WordPress 2.7. Since this is an early release, expect it to be buggy. The only two requirements this app needs is WordPress 2.6+ and Adobe AIR 1.1.

Download Moderator

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