New Goodies from Google GMail for Lab Rats

Canned Responses is the latest mod from the GMail Labs. If you find yourself writing the same email messages over and over again, this mod will make your life a whole lot easier.

Instead of copy/pasting from text files, canned Responses lets you quickly insert template text messages from a list of messages that you can pre-define. You can use it for frequently repeated queries, acceptance/rejection emails, campaigns or anything else that suits your needs.

So, it looks like being a lab rat is not all that bad if the lab in question is the Google GMail lab – there are no mazes to solve (if you ignore Mail Goggles) and you get a load of free cheese. To become a GMail lab rat, all you need to do is visit the “Labs“  tab on the GMail “Setting” page and enable the goodies that look useful / interesting. In Google’s own words:

Gmail engineers come up with new ideas all the time. Gmail Labs is our place to try them out and get your feedback. None of these features are really ready for prime time yet, so they may change, break or disappear at any time.

As long as you are okay with your cheese moving every now and then, most of these mods can make life a little bit easier for you. Here is a direct link to the GMail Labs page.

Currently, 26 GMail mods are available in the labs, out of which, two more of our favorite GMail mods are:


While a single star may be sufficient for some people, we usually need to classify email in more than one way. With superstars, you get a brand new set of cute icons that may be tagged to emails, so you can quickly differentiate between urgent, not-so-urgent and useless email conversations, for instance.

Right Side Labels

Though all that this mod does is to move the labels to the right side, there are a few usefull side-effects. The GMail webpage is converted into a 3 column theme which results in a tidier left menu, and this brings the labels above the fold – which is great if you have a few dozen filters set up to automatically sort your emails as they arrive.

Of course, utilities like GreaseMonkey and Better GMail are still available for their fan set, but there is something about official feature that is hard to beat :-) Check out the rest of the GMail offerings yourself on the GMail Labs page.

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