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by on October 19, 2008
in Firefox

You must have already heard about the latest buzz by Mozilla – Fennec, the Firefox browser for mobile. They have released the first public alpha version for users to give it a try.

Currently, this mobile web browser only supports the Nokia N800 and N810 internet tablet. Fennec is not the final name, but just a development codename.

It works on the same engine as Firefox (desktop version), and uses the same HTML rendering engine, Gekko. You can’t run Fennec on your phone, other than Nokia N810 internet tablet. Mozilla did not even mention any plans for Symbian or J2ME versions of Firefox Mobile browser. But a Windows Mobile version is in developement which will be available later this year.

Further alpha releases will focus on integrating projects like TraceMonkey, speculative parsing, and many Fennec and Gecko optimizations.

No need to worry if you don’t have the Nokia N810. You can still try it on on Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux by downloading it from the link below. Fennec development team is expecting to get the most feedback possible.

Download Firefox Mobile – Fennec

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