Twitroid: Twitter Client for Android

by on October 18, 2008
in Android, Google

Since Android has released, I haven’t got time to share any interesting applications. Here’s the first app that I’m be sharing for Android-based phones on Sizzled Core. From now on, I’ll be covering more interesting apps as they release.

Twitroid will be the first application on Android platform which will let you do all the that you expect from a Twitter client and will also let you upload photos on their own image hosting called Photroid.

It is currently under testing phase and is expected to release in mid-October, before G1 hits the market on October 22nd. If you still want to try it out, drop a mail and they’ll get in touch with you soon.

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Twitroid: Twitter Client for Android

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  • this application is really good ,
    hey i want to ask one thing why u don’t have any sharing option in u r websites ?