Protect your Laptop with Laptop Alarm

by on October 18, 2008
in Freewares, Technology, Tools

We all know leaving our laptops alone in public areas is not a wise thing to do. But you can’t always carry it everywhere. For instance, if you need to go the the bathroom while in a shopping mall, you can’t take your laptop with you.

Laptop Alarm is a very interesting freeware that sounds an alarm whenever someone tries to steal your laptop.

It emits a loud alarm when:

  • The power cable is unplugged
  • The mouse is removed
  • The laptop is shut down
  • The mouse is moved

The latest version also allows you to have volume control for the alarm. It is compatible with all Windows versions and is just 200 KB in size!

Laptop Alarm is the recommended solution for anyone with a laptop on the road or in public places.

Download Laptop Alarm

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