MessengerDiscovery Beta for Live Messenger 9

by on October 12, 2008
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Windows Live Messenger 9 was released almost a month ago and since then I’ve been waiting for Messenger Plus! Live, as I can’t live without it. They seem to be taking quite long in releasing out the latest version which would be compatible with Live Messenger 9.

Meanwhile, I’ve come across another interesting freeware that does almost the same as Messenger Plus! Live.

MessengerDiscovery Live is a free Windows Live Messenger addon that adds over 150 features, settings and customizations. It also offers features like polygamy (multi-MSN), auto-reply (my favourite), steal contact display pictures, quickly send nudges, webcam recording, plus much more.


  • Polygamy, run Messenger as many times as you wish.
  • Imitate, copy your contacts’ font and nickname and force them to say something.
  • Auto reply, can’t be bothered replying? Let MessengerDiscovery do it for you.
  • Keep conversation windows open after signing out of Messenger.
  • Steal contact display pictures.
  • Protect your custom emoticons from contacts being able to ‘Add’ them.
  • Send nudges as fast as you wish. And remove the window shaking.
  • Message spell checking (MS office required).
  • Can’t be bothered reading your messages? MessengerDiscovery will read them over your computer speakers.
  • Over 15 useful !commands
  • Conversation only nick name.
  • Remove your “typing message” alert to contacts.
  • Advanced MessengerDiscovery display picture manager.
  • Fake using Web Messenger or a Mobile device.
  • Mouse gestures for common functions.
  • Status hot keys.

MessengerDiscovery contains no form of spyware, adware, virus or trojan and comes in languages: English, Turkish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Italiano, Español, Français, Dutch, Eesti, Norsk and Magyar.

I’m going to use this now, till Messenger Plus! Live doesn’t become compatible with the latest Windows Live Messenger.

Download MessengerDiscovery

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