Want to Optimize your Images, SmushIt!

Every now and then Yahoo gives out optimizations tips for websites and blogs to make them load faster. I tried few of them, and really found them useful. Images with big size can increase your blog/website’s loading time and make it slow which is something your readers will never like!

They have rolled out a new tool that can help you reduce and optimize the size of images used on your blog/website.

Smush It is a service that goes beyond the limitations of Photoshop, Fireworks & Co. It uses image format specific non-lossy image optimization tools to squeeze the last bytes out of your images – without changing their look or visual quality.

Want to Optimize your Images, SmushIt!

Want to Optimize your Images, SmushIt!

According to them, lots of more optimizations could be done, even after using good image editing tools. So Smush It comes out with the objective of doing it online and in a much better way.

You can add images (which are to be optimized) by three methods:

  • Upload a bunch of pictures from your browser
  • Provide them with a list of image URLs
  • Install a Firefox Extension to optimize the images found on any web page

After the optimization completes, a ZIP archive with optimized images in it will be generated for you to download.

This tool also looks useful to me and I’ll be definitely using it in future. I recommend this to all webmasters.

Smush It!

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